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High-Tech Cleanroom Manufacturing

  • Coming Soon
  • ~4-6 weeks
  • Hands-on
  • TBD

Hands on experience

In this hands-on learning environment, trainees will learn how to operate in a high-tech cleanroom manufacturing environment. Two short-courses are offered and described below. Small class sizes (8-10 students) ensure all trainees have access to hands-on opportunities in the classroom.

Cleanroom Manufacturing Fundamentals

Fundamentals Course Content

  • Module 1: cleanroom human occupant protocols and procedures (gowning, de-gowning, etc.). 2 hrs.
  • Module 2: environment, health & safety (EHS). 3 hrs
  • Module 3: introduction to cleanroom infrastructure and basic processing / manufacturing tools and their operation. 9 hrs (three 3-hr sessions) 

Target Fundamentals Participants

People with some technical background, but no specific experience in “high-tech” cleanroom fabrication environments.  For example, engineers from aerospace companies or military veterans with advanced mechanical, electrical or other technical background.

Advanced MedTech Manufacturing

Advanced Course Content

  • Module 1: thin film electronics processing on rigid substrates (i.e., glass or silicon) vs. flexible substrates (i.e., polyimide or high temperature polyester). 11 hrs (2 hrs classroom plus three 3-hr cleanroom sessions).
  • Module 2: quality analysis / quality control (QA/QC) techniques, protocols and procedures. 11 hrs (2 hrs classroom plus three 3-hr cleanroom sessions).
  • Module 3: thin film transistor (TFT) array process work flows for new MedTech products. 11 hrs (2 hrs classroom plus three 3-hr cleanroom sessions).

Target Advanced Participants

Trainees that have successfully completed Cleanroom Manufacturing Fundamentals or engineers, applied physicists, and technicians who have significant cleanroom semiconductor or MEMS fabrication experience in the mature, conventional high tech-industry (e.g., microprocessors at Intel, sensors at NXP, discrete devices at On Semiconductor) but with no experience in the unique problems and unique semiconductor processes in MedTech.



Flexible Electronics and Display Center, 5500 S. River Parkway, Tempe, AZ. Free, on-site parking available.


Stay tuned for more information.


Direct inquiries and interest requests can also be sent to the following individual.

Gregory Raupp
Foundation Professor | ASU
480.882.8559 |