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Student in Marco Santello'a lab demonstrating a MedTech prosthetic arm's ability to grip a water bottle.

MedTech Ventures Workshop

Conceptualize, design, and prototype investment-ready MedTech products

  • Two 14-week Sessions
  • In Person
  • $995/session

From individual to team in 21 days.
From idea to investment ready in 14 weeks.
From entry-level to experienced in 7 months.

Enter as an individual with a passion to make a difference, leave as an experienced member of an investment-ready venture team. Develop valuable job skills as you co-create ventures that design and build medical devices, direct-to-consumer devices, and applications for health, health care, fitness, wellness, and well-being with experienced entrepreneurs, professionals, and venture capitalists.

Program Overview

The MedTech Ventures Program is a unique workshop driven experience where participants collaborate with venture capitalists, proven entrepreneurs, and industry experts as they team up with professionals and students from business, engineering, and medicine to design solutions, build products and create investment-ready ventures. MedTech Ventures is composed of two 14- week-long sessions: Innovation and Incubation.

In the Innovation Session, you’ll learn and apply a 24-step process for the innovation and commercialization of medical devices, direct-to-consumer devices, and applications for health, health care, fitness, wellness, and wellbeing.

In the Incubation Session, you’ll be part of a venture team prototyping solutions, building and launching a product, seeking first customers, and attempting to capture initial revenues or seek regulatory approval and reimbursement.

MedTech Ventures Program Brochure

Cohort 3 begins in August 2020. Contact us for more information or to apply!


Successful MedTech startup companies share a common foundation of unique multi-disciplinary, cross-field collaboration among:

  • a technology development professional – typically an engineer
  • a healthcare practitioner – typically a physician
  • and a business professional – typically an MBA, CPA, or attorney.

Participants enrolling in this workshop should come prepared to fill one of these roles based on their background or program-of-study.

Non-degree-seeking participants can include working professionals as well as any of the other following groups:

  • individuals in active career transition or those considering transitioning into MedTech
  • military veterans with some relevant experience and interest
  • recent graduates from any of the aforementioned disciplines
  • experienced entrepreneurs seeking a MedTech opportunity

Degree-seeking advanced undergraduates and graduate students in the following disciplines are especially suited for this program:

  • engineering and computer science
  • physical and life sciences
  • medicine, nursing, and health sciences
  • business
  • design
  • social sciences
  • public policy
  • law


Dates & Times

Workshops meet weekly on Tuesdays from 3:00 to 5:30 p.m.
Session 1: 14 weeks (plus 1 week break), August 27 through December 3, 2019
Session 2: 14 weeks (plus 1 week break), January 21 through May 5, 2020

Cohort 3 begins in August 2020. Contact us for more information or to apply!


Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation
275 N. Gateway Drive (at north end of Gateway Community College Campus)
Parking to be provided, or readily accessible by Phoenix Metro Light Rail.


$995 per session. Contact us for information on scholarships. Fee waived for ASU tuition-paying students (degree-seeking or non-degree status).


In order to ensure that each workgroup has a variety of different skillsets, instructor approval is necessary. Contact us for additional registration information.


The MedTech Ventures program is open to entry-level job seekers, retired professionals and anyone in between, including students. To learn more or to apply:

Anthony Bajoras
Managing Director, MedTech Ventures
Principal | Impact Advisors Group
602.821.1500 |

Jeffrey La Belle
Managing Director, MedTech Ventures
Professor | Grand Canyon University

Currently enrolled at ASU? You can earn up to 6 credit hours for participating in MedTech Ventures. For details, please contact:

Gregory Raupp
Program Director, MedTech Ventures
Foundation Professor | ASU
480.882.8559 |